Dying Embers out now

Dying Embers out now

Saturday 26 July 2014

More recommended reads of 2014

I've read so many great short story collections this year that I feel the time has come to list some more. Certainly, it's been a bumper year so far; and there are many more collections and anthologies in the pipeline too.
So, here are some of the books I've been enjoying recently.

Errantry by Elizabeth Hand is a fascinating, literary collection. It contains
among others The Maiden Flight of McCauley's Bellerophon and Near Zennor;
two cracking stories you really should not miss. Review soon
Worse Than Myself by Adam Golaski was brought to my attention by
James Everington, and his taste is of course excellent. This is a superb
collection of weird tales which will take you out of your comfort zone. It kicks
off with The Animator's House... and doesn't let up. Review soon

Superb Tartarus edition of Nugent Barker's classic collection,
Written With My Left Hand
. Contains the much-anthologised and
influential Whessoe among many other wonderful tales.
I recently reviewed Rebecca Lloyd's excellent Mercy and Other Stories here,
and so it was no surprise to me to find out that The View From Endless Street
is just as wonderful. Full of incisive, intriguing tales, it is a must read. Review soon
The Haunted Grove is a tightly written novella from Tim Jeffreys.
It's pretty compelling; I read it in one sitting. You might do too
Perspectives is an intriguing project; each story
in this collection is inspired by a piece of photography, and the two writers
(Darcia Helle and Maria Savva) take turns to provide their tales.
Some are dark, some less so; all are compelling
Of course, Supernatural Tales are always essential reading; and now
they are available on Amazon (back issues included) it's
even easier to enjoy them. Number 26 is as good as the modern
ghost story collection gets!

I would love to review all of these books, but there are only so many hours in the day. However, do keep an eye out for the ones I manage... and in the meantime, I hope you enjoy some of my recommendations as much as I did.


  1. Thanks for your kind words about Perspectives, Martin! Darcia & I had so much fun writing the stories that we've now turned it into a series. Book 2 is ready to be published, so hopefully will be released towards the end of the year. We've had a flood of writers who are interested in contributing to Book 3! You'll have to join us and write a short story for an anthology later in the series! :)

    1. Hi Maria, it was my pleasure. I enjoyed it and I thought it worked really well. And yes, I'd like to contribute a story if it works out for you!

  2. I'll be in touch when we're starting the new book :)

  3. Here's a weird coincidence that has just occured to me. Besides being lucky enough to feature in this post alongside Rebecca Lloyd, I shared a stage with her once about two years ago at the Word of Mouth event at the Thunderbolt in Bristol where we both did short story readings along with Gareth Powell the sci-fi writer.