Dying Embers out now

Dying Embers out now

Wednesday 10 October 2018

Hello again!

Well it's been a long time since my last blog entry! Things have been so busy over the last 18 months or so, with family upheavals, travel, trying to keep up my running and other non-writing related projects. I just have not had the headspace to write at all. I think, writing wise, I may have let a few people down over this recent period, for which I can only apologise and hope it's understood that it was not intentional.

So, now that things have settled down a bit I can get my mind around putting finger to keyboard again, hence this post. During my hiatus, the publisher of my first collection, DYING EMBERS, has ceased trading and so for a while my book was not available at all. Finally, I have published it myself – with an updated cover – through Stranger Designs, which is a minor project set up with a friend of mine, more of which later. So... it is on Amazon and all similar platforms once more. Also, I have acquired the remaining paperbacks (see below), which are available (via Paypal in fact) on my website if anyone is interested.

One thing I have managed to do, however, is to read. The truth is that I have probably read even more than ever over the past couple of years. What I want to do now is to make sense of the many short story collections I have enjoyed – some of which have been outstandingly good. I have taken a photograph of some of the excellent books I have read recently and that I will attempt to review; this has made me realise that almost everything I read these days is on the Kindle!

Anyhow, more of that later. I am off to the track for a run, then this evening I will watch a film I have been wanting to see for some time: "It Follows". Sounds like my kind of thing. Who knows, I may even do some film reviews soon. Watch this space!

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