Dying Embers out now

Dying Embers out now

Friday 2 November 2012


Unsurprisingly, the first time I read Robert Aickman I was hooked. The Hospice it was, and the atmosphere he created, together with the way the story ended, meant I could not get it out of my mind ... and I still can't, all these years later (about 22 in fact.) It expanded my mind.
I started to find collections of horror stories which included his tales, but I was frustrated at the time that I could not easily find more of his work. Then, in 2001, I discovered Tartarus Press, and their Collected Strange Stories. What a great publishing house, and wonderful people. I have since bought all of their publications relating to Aickman, and have to restrain myself from buying most of the other things they publish too. Have a look, perfect for Christmas presents!
Since then I have also found a number of first editions, mainly on eBay, and over the years I've created a nice little collection, with some signed copies too. Here are some pics.

Don't Tartarus books look great!

Some first editions.

And some other bits and pieces.

I try not to pay too much for these items, it's a matter of waiting around for things to come along at a reasonable price.

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